About True North Meats

“True North refers to what we should do, not what we can do” - unknown.

At True North Meats, we have taken that mantra to heart. Our mission is to produce the highest quality meat in the most environmentally compatible, resource-efficient way possible.

We raise our cattle on local green pastures in the Pacific Northwest and finish our beef and hogs on a locally produced feed designed by an animal nutritionist. Our premium products are then packaged and delivered directly to your door. We strive at every opportunity to reduce our environmental impact as well as implement regenerative agriculture management practices wherever possible.

We take great pride in how we care for our animals, and we believe you will taste the difference.

True North Meats Co. Beginnings

Branden Brink, a Lynden firefighter, and his wife, Heather, began True North Meats Co. in 2022. Branden says that he and Heather “raised cattle to help raise their children.” Their goal is to instill the responsibilities and real world learnings to their children that only a farm can provide.What started as a parenting strategy and family lifestyle, has grown to become a passion for supplying the local community with high quality, conscientiously raised beef and pork. 

Following Our True North

Ambitious by nature, we are always striving to be better and follow a strong moral compass pointed at True North. Our Guiding Principles pave the way for us to continuously improve and accomplish our goals as a business, a family, and as individuals. 

Integrity of our company, our products, and our relationships. 

Sustainability in our business model and our growing practices. 

Conscientious of the impact our livelihood has on our environment, our community, and our land. 

Responsibility to protect the natural resources of our land, and to use them in an efficient and sustainable manner to produce the highest quality of products.

Purpose in how we conduct ourselves and shape our company.